• Pocket Bed

    DUVET POCKET BED Your pets own sleeping bag. Made with slightly raised top piece to encourage entry. 3 standard sizes available. Larger sizes can be made to order – even specials for Pot Belly Pigs! The unique way we make pocket beds by stitching the sheet fibre and fabric together makes them fully machine washable with out going lumpy or losing shape Instead of having taking cover off and wash it only
  • Duvet Baskets

    Duvet Baskets are made from THERMAFILL filling with cotton outer fabric. The sides are flexible to enable the bed to move into the position that your pet likes to lie, whilst retaining its shape.
  • Duvet Deep Cushion Bed

    All deep cushion beds are machine washable without changing shape or going lumpy. You can buy them with removable covers or without. The deep cushion bed is designed to give maximum comfort in summer and winter. The special Thermalfil filling is cool in summer and warm in winter also has the ability to dry wet dogs and its self, making it a good all round bed. Basic Deep Cushion Beds in Regular Fabric Machine washable will not go lumpy
  • Duvet Bed

    Thin duvet The pets own duvet to cover them up at night or to lie on in thermal comfort. Has 100’s of other uses; In the home to protect Chairs, carpets. On car seats or in the back of car. In cages etc. To protect carpet, chair from Dirt, hairs and grease etc. This Range of Duvet is about an 1 inch 3cms thick.
  • Nest Bean Bag

    The extra deep luxury nest is for pets who like to nest and dig up their bed. It was designed specially for BALA and has proved a great favourite over the years. The Nest’s unique oval design allows it to move freely around while being dug and when your pet turns round and snuggles down the bed comes up around them, as if they had dug a hole and got themselves into it.
  • Oblong Floor Bean Bag

    The Oblong floor beds allow pets to curl up or stretch out. Our studies have revealed pets DO stretch as you can see. Ideal for home use or in the back of the car.
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