Thermal Dog Jacket


Made in 2″ ( 5 cm) size increases Measure from collar to 1st digit of  tail

For dogs such as the Bulldog Staffs Sausage or a strange size measure around ears at widest point and from elbow over shoulder to elbow.

All coats and Jackets are machine washable

Bala Jacket has Thermal Filling, Cotton lining to wick water away or thermally refect body temperture to stop chilling. Waterproof Nylon Outer to keep water out

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Tailored to fit the shape of your pets’ back. Unique shaping helps to prevent side ways slipping on dog,

For extreme weather conditions elastic leg straps are provided to stop it being blown high winds.

Also fitted with a nice easy snap together elastic girth strap which enables it to move with dog.

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Min Pin – 25cm, Norfolk; Border; Yorkshire – 30.5cm, Jack Russell; Pug; King Charles; 35.5cm, Beagle; Fox Terrier; Lakeland Short – 40cm, Cockers; Manchester Terrier – 46cm, Whippets; Springers; Irish Terriers – 51cm, Border Collie; Airedale; Boxer – 56cm, Labradors; Setters – 61cm, Retrievers; Pointers; Ridgeback – 66cm, Greyhound; Irish Setters – 71cm, German Shepherds; Dobermans – 76cm, Greyhound; Rottweiler – 81cm, Wolf Hound; Great Dane – 86cm


Fitted, Regular


Blue, Fluorescent, Green, Red


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